Data Science in the News 

December 20, 2023
EARTH SCIENCES, DATA SCIENCE - Clark Honors College senior and data science major Lynette Wotruba took up data science three years into her college career. Today, she’s working with the Department of Earth Sciences to make information about the dangers of tsunamis accessible to communities along the Oregon coast.
June 27, 2023
COMPUTER SCIENCE, DATA SCIENCE - Last year, Liza Richards was a member of the first cohort of University of Oregon students to graduate with a degree in data science. Not only that, but she was also the first person to graduate with a double major in data science and computer science.  
May 3, 2023
COMPUTER SCIENCE, DATA SCIENCE - From Bing to Google Bard, artificial intelligence chatbots are suddenly emerging as a powerful communication tool with impacts across society, but how they work is not broadly understood. Nor are the ways in which AI can be misused.
May 1, 2023
DATA SCIENCE - From ChatGPT to risk assessment algorithms, the use of machine-learning tools is increasing. Philosopher and data ethicist Ramón Alvarado grapples with questions of trust, bias, and implementation of AI.
February 14, 2023
DATA SCIENCE - Four female data science majors in the Clark Honors College demonstrate how the CHC community has an impact on the male-dominated field of data science.
December 2, 2022
COMPUTER SCIENCE, DATA SCIENCE - The University of Oregon will open a new School of Computer and Data Sciences in fall 2023, combining the university’s growing strength in computer science with its five-year investment in data science.
October 27, 2022
A $4.2 million National Science Foundation grant will boost the UO’s efforts to build a support community for STEM teachers across 14 Western states through the agency’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program.
July 4, 2022
DATA SCIENCE, BIOLOGY, ECONOMICS - The Data Science Initiative graduated their first group of undergraduates. Seven undergraduate data science students walked the stage this spring to collect their diplomas, an exciting moment for the university’s new data science degree program.
May 25, 2022
PHILOSOPHY, DATA SCIENCE - Pigeons can quickly be trained to detect cancerous masses on x-ray scans. So can computer algorithms. But despite the potential efficiencies of outsourcing the task to birds or computers, it’s no excuse for getting rid of human radiologists, argues UO philosopher and data ethicist Ramón Alvarado.
January 19, 2022
PHILOSOPHY, DATA SCIENCE - A member of the University of Oregon Presidential Initiative in Data Science, Alvarado studies computers and how people use them. He recalls, in graduate school, how the emerging field of complexity science led him to observe that breakthroughs in various areas were made possible only through computer programming. He’s been grappling with technology’s role in knowledge creation ever since.
July 7, 2021
DATA SCIENCE, ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES - The university’s chief academic officer has launched a campus-wide effort to build on strengths in academia, with initiatives in data science, diversity, environment, innovation, and sport and wellness.
May 3, 2021
Twelve UO researchers and scholars pursuing research on subjects ranging from rock and roll music to data science to COVID-19 have received 2021 Faculty Research Awards, which support scholarship, creative projects and quantitative or qualitative research from all disciplinary backgrounds.
April 12, 2021
Four interdisciplinary teams have been awarded seed funding through the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation to pursue interdisciplinary research projects. The Incubating Interdisciplinary Initiatives awards, known as I3 awards, will provide up to $50,000.