About the School of Computer and Data Sciences

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The School of Computer and Data Sciences will be known as an innovative hub for advancing education and research, promoting collaborations, and building connections across disciplines, the university, and the world. The school’s reputation will attract a diverse intellectual community of students and scholars working collaboratively with one another and societal partners to benefit the world. Students will become interdisciplinary problem solvers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Research will advance the fields of computer and data science while being ethically guided, technologically nimble, and informed by societal needs. 

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Spearheaded by the Presidential Initiative in Data Science, the 2022 SCDS Strategic Planning Committee, and the 2017 Data Science Visioning Committee, SCDS is the culmination of a multi-year institutional investment to the advance of computer and data sciences at the University of Oregon. 


Empower a diverse population of students and faculty working to advance knowledge in computer and data science, train the next generation of scholars, and engage with the wider world to tackle interdisciplinary challenges. 



The SCDS follows a set of guiding principles as we develop, implement, and carry out the work of the school. These principles are co-equal and collectively guide all our activities. 

Our research and education will engage with the needs of the world. 
We promote numeracy and data literacy as keystones of education. 
We empower students to lead productive and meaningful lives.
We build on our liberal arts foundation.
We center ethical impacts in all areas of our work.
We prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in all activities.
Our programs will lead the evolution of changing technology.
We prioritize innovation, problem solving, and entrepreneurship.
Computer and data science will be open to everyone.
We promote and maintain collaborations with academic and societal partners.