Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Oregon offers students and faculty a close-knit community in which to learn, discover, and innovate, in a shared quest for computational solutions to a spectrum of challenging problems. We are home to state-of-the-art research in several fields of computing ranging from foundational theory for programming languages to applications in data science, with substantial research groups in high performance computing, networking and distributed systems, and machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Computer Science News

March 18, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Robotics champion and international women's education advocate Saghar Salehi escaped a certain death in Afghanistan to continue her fight for Afghan women’s rights as a computer science major at the UO College of Arts and Sciences.
March 11, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - When Ramakrishnan (Ram) Durairajan, associate professor and Ripple Fellow in the School of Computer and Data Science, decided it was time to take on the beast that is the internet, he came prepared. Durairajan’s team is developing a new, more agile defense framework that can be programmed to control network infrastructure and forward behavior.
March 6, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Cybersecurity jobs to protect users and companies from hackers are in growing demand, and a new undergraduate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences is training students to fill that role. Launched in the fall of 2023, the cybersecurity major combines rigorous courses and hands-on fieldwork with the aim of preparing students to hit the ground running in a cybersecurity career.

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What you can do with a degree in Computer Science

Our educational programs combine a strong computer science core curriculum with an array of cutting-edge topics. Students at all levels are prepared to step forth to make meaningful and high-quality contributions in the field of computing, going on to successful careers as software developers and engineers, data scientists, systems analysts, and cybersecurity personnel.

Helping you find your path in Computer Science

Amir Veyseh

“I appreciate the fact that we had the freedom to follow our research interests while still benefiting from the faculty’s constant support. It helped me to be more productive in my Ph.D. and gain the experience that can help me in my future career. Also, since the department provides a variety of options for the curriculum, I was able to choose the path that best fits into my research.”

—Amir Pouran Ben Veysey, PhD, '23

Our Degree Programs

The CS major includes interdisciplinary and internal tracks to prepare our students for future careers in this rapidly changing field. The Mathematics and Computer Science (MACS) degree offers students the opportunity to study computer science while retaining strong foundations in mathematics.

The master's degree program in CS provides students with advanced coursework in the field of computer science as well as opportunities to complete an in-depth project or to become involved in research. The Ph.D. is an advanced degree reserved for students who demonstrate both a comprehensive understanding of computer science and an ability to do creative research.

Class of 2024

Nathan Koga

Computer Science major

Nathan Koga came to UO thinking he would study music. But a summer project with Oregon Networking Research Group presented Nathan with an intriguing opportunity—a major in computer science. He was interested in the subject matter and soon realized that a computer science major could be combined with other areas of interest. For Nathan, it would be music. It was a win-win.

After graduation, Nathan intends to find a career path that combines his love for music with computer science. “Working for a music platform, like Spotify, or doing research in music and computer science would be interesting.” he says. “Or doing music/sound design for a game development company.”

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Nathan Koga, Alumni student in Computer Science
A professor helps a student on a laptop

Learn from Experts in the Field

Our faculty are international leaders in their fields including:

  • Informatics 
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Software engineering
  • Assistive technologies
  • Theory
  • Scientific visualization
  • High-performance computing

We are home to the Center for Cyber Security and Privacy, which serves as a cutting-edge hub for interdisciplinary research and collaboration in cybersecurity and accepts student assistants.

Faculty Spotlight

Ram Durairajan

Ram Durairajan

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Ripple Fellow

When Ramakrishnan (Ram) Durairajan decided it was time to take on the beast that is the internet, he came prepared. Durairajan’s team is developing a new, more agile defense framework that can be programmed to control network infrastructure and forward behavior.

The endgame here is to deliver an exceptionally reliable level of protection from cyber-attacks. His strategy to meet this challenge is not only groundbreaking but also a promising path toward something the world is more than ready to welcome, a higher-functioning Internet.

“My goal is to build a better internet, one that is more secure, more performant, and more resilient.”

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Real World Experience

Get Real-World Experience

The UO Cyber Security Operations Center offers students interested in a career in cybersecurity the opportunity for exposure to professional, hands-on learning experiences. Students are encouraged to attend our annual security day, enter competitions across the department, join student groups, and get involved in research during their time at the UO.

Once a Duck, Always a Duck

Liz Olson, CS Alumni student

Liz Olson '17

Computer Science major

Since graduating in Computer Science from UO in 2017, Liz Olson has held a steady focus on the study of robotics. More specifically, she’s been researching perception in robotics or, how robots learn from sensory data—how they perceive, comprehend and reason. 

Now, having almost completed her PhD at the University of Michigan, Olson has set her sights on academia and industry to continue her research.

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Scholarships and Funding

Multiple grants are available to help fund undergraduate and graduate CS students. Our PhD students are fully supported by various research funding sources, including the National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, and Department of Energy.

Undergraduate Scholarships Graduate Funding

Academic Support

CS advisors are here to help guide students through their entire undergraduate program. Students will be assigned a "track advisor" who oversees student progress through the CS major, and can advise students on how to best prepare for grad school, internships, jobs, etc.

Undergraduate Advising Graduate Student Support