Data Science

At the UO, Data Science students and faculty harness the power of data to unravel mysteries, predict trends and drive impactful change. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including high-performance computing clusters and extensive datasets, enabling them to explore and analyze real-world problems across diverse domains. Through collaboration with industry and academic partners, the Data Science Program fosters a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, preparing students for a successful career in data science. 



What you can do with a degree in Data Science

A mastery of big data prepares you for a next-generation career. Data scientists are essential players in nearly every industry, ranging from auto production to aerospace, healthcare and biotech, as well as investment banking, insurance, government, and even non-profit management. 

At the University of Oregon, we train data scientists to be wholistic researchers, capable of crossing disciplines and breaking boundaries. Our data scientists consider not only what can we do with data – but what should we do. 

With a UO degree in data science, you'll have a key to a career for years to come. In fact, search “data science” on Indeed and you’ll see more than 10,000 opportunities around the country. Glassdoor, a leader in workforce analysis, estimates the starting salaries for data science jobs between $81k-149k – for entry-level jobs. 

For those looking for a master’s degree or a doctorate, the UO’s training in quantitative and computational skills makes graduates particularly attractive to an advanced degree program. 

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The Data Science Major

The Data Science Undergraduate program teaches computational, statistical, and inferential data science skills side-by-side with applied knowledge in one of eleven different areas:

Our unique interdisciplinary program teaches you how to extract knowledge and insight from data, empowering you to make decisions earlier, faster, better. When you graduate, your understanding of applied data science techniques, framed within the liberal arts, will help launch you directly into the workforce.

Major Requirements

How Data Science Opens Up Your Career

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“I I can go anywhere I want with the data science major. Data is the future. Everything could have more data!”

—Zoe Tomlinson, Data Science Major, Class of 2026

Data Science News

June 27, 2023
COMPUTER SCIENCE, DATA SCIENCE - Last year, Liza Richards was a member of the first cohort of University of Oregon students to graduate with a degree in data science. Not only that, but she was also the first person to graduate with a double major in data science and computer science.  
May 3, 2023
COMPUTER SCIENCE, DATA SCIENCE - From Bing to Google Bard, artificial intelligence chatbots are suddenly emerging as a powerful communication tool with impacts across society, but how they work is not broadly understood. Nor are the ways in which AI can be misused.
May 1, 2023
DATA SCIENCE - From ChatGPT to risk assessment algorithms, the use of machine-learning tools is increasing. Philosopher and data ethicist Ramón Alvarado grapples with questions of trust, bias, and implementation of AI.

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