Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is the practice of measuring, managing, and analyzing marketing performance to maximize effectiveness and optimize return on investment. Data science applied to marketing data can help a business predict consumer behavior, improve decision-making, and gauge the success of marketing investments.

For example, machine learning and statistical techniques can be used to classify data and detect patterns that might predict a campaign’s success.

In the data science domain area of marketing analytics, you will learn how to see the future, through the lens of both existing and new methods of predictive analytics.

Domain Requirements

You will take three marketing analytics domain core courses and four courses from the electives menu.

Marketing Analytics Core Courses (all three required)

course title quarter offered*
BA 101 Introduction to Business Fall, Winter, Spring
BA 215 Accounting: Language of Business Decisions Fall, Winter, Spring
EC 201 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics Fall, Winter, Spring

Marketing Analytics Electives (choose one in addition to BA 240, BA 317 & MKTG 390)

course title quarter offered*
BA 240 Managing Business Information (required) Fall, Winter, Spring
BA 317 Marketing: Value for Customers (required) Fall, Winter, Spring
MKTG 390 Marketing Research (required) Fall, Winter, Spring
MKTG 410 Marketing Analytics Winter
OBA 410 Sports Analytics Winter, Spring

*Course schedules are subject to change.