Sociology is the analytical study of human groups and societies. Consistent with the broad domain of the discipline, sociologists are omnivores with respect the to methodological approaches used to study the social world. They employ a variety of analytical tools such as statistical modeling, network analysis, spatial analysis, demographic methods, data scraping, and computational analysis of social media and text data.

In the data science domain area of sociology, you will learn about how you can use these tools to uncover the hidden patterns of social life, answer questions related to policy, and better understand our social world.

Domain Requirements

You will take three sociology domain core courses and four courses from the electives menu.

Sociology Core Courses (all three required)

course title quarter offered*
SOC 204 or SOC 207 Introduction to Sociology or Social Inequality Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
SOC 310 Social Theory Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer
SOC 311 Research Methods Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer

Sociology Electives (choose two in addition to SOC 412 and SOC 413)

course title quarter offered*
SOC 412 Sociological Research Methods Winter
SOC 413 Sociological Research Methods Spring
SOC 370 Urban Sociology Fall
SOC 380 Introduction: Deviance, Control and Crime Fall, Winter, Spring
SOC 416 Issues in Environmental Sociology Fall, Winter, Spring
SOC 442 Issues in Urban Sociology TBA
SOC 445 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity Fall
SOC 451 Social Stratification Fall
SOC 465 Political Sociology Winter

* Course schedules subject to change.