Students in the Department of Computer Science have many opportunities to participate in cutting-edge faculty research projects or conduct their own research, through undergraduate and graduate summer internships. We support our students in collaborating with national laboratories and industries, as well as fellowships and scholarships on a department, university or nation-wide level.

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Research Interests:
High Performance Computing/Parallel Computing
Distributed Systems and Networking
Cybersecurity and Privacy
AI/Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Programming Languages
Computer Vision
Human Computer Interaction
Cloud Computing
Algorithms and Theory
Software Engineering

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Faculty Excellence

“During my 30 years as a faculty member in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oregon, computer science has evolved in remarkable ways to become a key part of our lives. The field of high-performance computing (HPC) is no exception, as it has become an important factor in the progression of scientific discoveries. The CS Department and UO are invested in the integration of computing and domain sciences for interdisciplinary research. Education, training, and research in HPC, computational/data sciences, AI/machine learning, distributed systems, and other disciplines represented by our CS faculty are key to this objective.”

—Al Malony,
Professor of Computer Science

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Interdisciplinary research projects and opportunities exist throughout the Department of Computer Science. Examples include:

  • Enhancing the Resiliency of Internet Infrastructures to Earthquakes via the ShakeNet project
  • Climate Change-induced Sea Level Rise via the Lights Out project by Ram Durairajan
  • Studying the patterns of discourse of Black rebellions in nineteenth-century print culture using text analysis and natural language processing techniques, via the RAD project by Thien Nguyen

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

A defining research experience

Min Van Nguyen

"Doing research in the CS department is one of the greatest experiences that I ever had. The faculty and administrative staff have always given me their amazing support and great guidance.

This helped me as an international student to overcome difficulties and make accomplishments in both academic and social life.”

—Minh Van Nguyen,
Computer Science PhD candidate, 2024

Sudhanshu Sane

"The Computer Science department at the UO has played a pivotal role in shaping me as an individual as well as my career. As a graduate student, I was afforded the opportunity to grow as a researcher by contributing to well-funded, transformative projects, pursuing publications at top tier venues, and was supposed in my search for opportunities such as internships and teaching fellowships. 

Thanks to the excellent advising and guidance from the faculty in the CIS department, I was prepared to succeed as a postdoctoral researcher after graduating from the doctoral program, and then again as a software engineer at a Silicon Valley startup, in a role that in part allows me to continue advancing my dissertation work.”

—Sudhanshu Sane,
PhD in Computer Science, 2020

Chris Misa

"I feel very fortunate to be able to wake up, walk through a beautiful forest, and spend each day working on interesting problems with a group of highly intelligent and genuinely caring people.

The CS department here at UO is a really strong community that has shown me all kinds of new possibilities for myself and the world. Moreover, the wide range of opportunities available through the UO keeps us from getting lost in our own, sometimes highly esoteric studies.”

—Chris Misa,
Computer Science PhD candidate, 2023-2024

Recent Publications

Recent Publications

From conference presentations to academic journals, browse the latest computer science research from our faculty.

Recent Publications


May 1, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Assistant Professor Brittany Erickson, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, had her first encounter with an earthquake in 1989. She was an 8-year-old, playing outside when Loma Prieta violently shook California’s Central Coast at a magnitude of 6.9 and a maximum Modified Mercalli intensity of IX. The event was terrifying and memorable.
March 11, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - When Ramakrishnan (Ram) Durairajan, associate professor and Ripple Fellow in the School of Computer and Data Science, decided it was time to take on the beast that is the internet, he came prepared. Durairajan’s team is developing a new, more agile defense framework that can be programmed to control network infrastructure and forward behavior.
March 6, 2024
COMPUTER SCIENCE - Cybersecurity jobs to protect users and companies from hackers are in growing demand, and a new undergraduate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences is training students to fill that role. Launched in the fall of 2023, the cybersecurity major combines rigorous courses and hands-on fieldwork with the aim of preparing students to hit the ground running in a cybersecurity career.