Career and Professional Development

Computer science graduates go on to exciting careers in academia and industry. Some of our recent graduates now work at Amazon, Cal State Fullerton, Colorado College, Facebook, Livermore National Laboratory, Oakridge National Laboratory, Pipeworks, Ripple, Qassim University, Sandia National Laboratory, Snapchat, Inc., UC San Diego, and UNC Charlotte.

Many of our students do summer internships in industry or at national labs, improving their technical and research skills while solving important problems. During the academic year, students put their skills to the test in programming competitions and hackathons. Finally, our colloquium series features guest speakers sharing the latest research developments.  

Nicole Moynahan, Graduate Program Coordinator

Professional Societies

Below are links to the leading professional societies for the field of computer science. 

Members of IEEE and ACM provide online searchable repositories of their technical including journals, conferences, and newsletters. To sign up for this service, see the membership links on the home pages of the digital libraries: 

Kanika Sood, MS and PhD in Computer Science

“I pursued my master's and PhD at the UO. The departments offers a good variety of graduate courses such as Machine Learning, Databases, Algorithms and Complexity. One of the reasons why I stayed at UO for both the programs is because of the support and research opportunities available for graduate students in the department. The department has some of the best research advisors for graduate students such as Boyana Norris and Daniel Lowd. Overall, it was a great experience.”

Kanika Sood, MS and PhD in Computer Science, ‘19

Mohammad Eshghi

“I was fortunate to be able to do a master’s in CS while I was pursuing my PhD program in Geography. The CS department has excellent faculty and staff who are very knowledgeable and are always available to help students. My master’s in CS has helped me in so many different ways, including conducting my PhD research, as well as doing multiple data science, data engineer, and machine learning research internships in industry.”

Mohammad Eshghi, non-thesis master’s in CS, Data Science Track, ‘21